Daily Archives: February 9, 2016

camper van to get around
Perfect mobility, the ability to get around and to be where you need to be reliably and on time sure plays a major role for  a large number of businesses. Think about the postal service, a pizza delivery service, a manufacturer of goods, a doctor who needs to visit his outpatients, just to name a few.

Almost anyone has a car today and chances are if you have a business you might also own a transport van. But sometimes it could be worth it if you look at alternative ways for your transportation too. I have found that for certain professions, in particular for those such as for freelancers, journalists and photographs a camper van can be a very smart choice.

Why a camper van?

As compared to your car or your typical commercial transport vehicle, a camper van also allows you to use it as a place to sleep and to stay placed for a a few days. This can be ideal for those people who need to spend a short time at certain locations, say that a photographer who is looking for a great spot to shoot in the middle of nowhere or the journalists who wants to travel around to festivals and similar events without wanting to stay in hotels and bed & breakfast places. The added benefit here of course is that you can save a good amount of money all at the same time.

Sometimes a job may not require you to travel all the time but only on occasion or during certain times of the year. Let's say you are a journalist who is reporting about music festivals. You don't necessarily need to own a camper van since festival season will normally be limited to  a few months per year only. In this case it can be a good idea that you get in touch with a VW camper hire. You can then rent a van at the right time, say for a month or two when you need it. This is a very efficient and economic way to get around for your job.