With the job market in the United Kingdom competitive it is just natural that families look for any way how they can increase their children's chances for a good career.

Most of the time, the schools families send their children to can already be one, if not the one, deciding factor of what career paths a child will be able to take in the future.

Public schools are increasingly seen as the second choice, given that public schools are often coming with problems that can range from overcrowded classrooms to underfunding.

This is where families should consider a good private school.

The United Kingdom fortunately has numerous renowned private schools available. Many of those private, independent schools have established a great reputation which alone is often all that is needed to get the door open to a good career.

Employers will in all likelihood prefer those applicants that come from good schools. If your child has a good school listed on his or her CV, it can give them a huge advantage on the job market later on in life.

Not all children are equally at ease with learning, be it foreign languages, maths or any other valuable skill and knowledge. For those students who may require additional help, private independent schools are usually the best choice. With less students per class, as is the case in private schools in the United Kingdom, teachers can focus better those students who need some additional help. As a result, your child will usually be able to significantly improve his or her grades in a private school.

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camper van to get around
Perfect mobility, the ability to get around and to be where you need to be reliably and on time sure plays a major role for  a large number of businesses. Think about the postal service, a pizza delivery service, a manufacturer of goods, a doctor who needs to visit his outpatients, just to name a few.

Almost anyone has a car today and chances are if you have a business you might also own a transport van. But sometimes it could be worth it if you look at alternative ways for your transportation too. I have found that for certain professions, in particular for those such as for freelancers, journalists and photographs a camper van can be a very smart choice.

Why a camper van?

As compared to your car or your typical commercial transport vehicle, a camper van also allows you to use it as a place to sleep and to stay placed for a a few days. This can be ideal for those people who need to spend a short time at certain locations, say that a photographer who is looking for a great spot to shoot in the middle of nowhere or the journalists who wants to travel around to festivals and similar events without wanting to stay in hotels and bed & breakfast places. The added benefit here of course is that you can save a good amount of money all at the same time.

Sometimes a job may not require you to travel all the time but only on occasion or during certain times of the year. Let's say you are a journalist who is reporting about music festivals. You don't necessarily need to own a camper van since festival season will normally be limited to  a few months per year only. In this case it can be a good idea that you get in touch with a VW camper hire. You can then rent a van at the right time, say for a month or two when you need it. This is a very efficient and economic way to get around for your job.

Not all people who want to do something for their health and fitness are only looking at membership prices when they join a gym. There is a surprising number of customers in the  fitness industry who'd rather choose quality service and modern equipment over any type of bargain membership prices. In many cases, people are well willing to spend a little more money when they know what they get in return for it. Nowhere is this more evident as if we look at the gym sector here in the British capital.

gyms in LondonShould you find yourself in a situation that you own a smaller fitness studio in London there is no reason to worry about your big competitors.

Instead, focus on good customer service and quality that you can offer.

You would be surprised how poor many of those big fitness gyms in the capital are doing when it comes to this.

You don't have to compete with the large gym chains by matching their membership prices.

Did you see how many of the big so-called bargain gyms in London are still offering fun amenities such as watching TV during exercises or providing swimming pool access that included in the price? No? Me neither!

If you can offer your customers those things that make fitness exciting and fun it can only be a matter of time until word-of-mouth spreads about the quality, service and friendliness of your gym. In all likelihood, people will prefer your gym over the others even if your membership is a little bit more expensive.

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SIR – The Government’s plans to change apprenticeship funding “risk wrecking the training system”, reports Alan Tovey, your Jobs Editor. As business leaders, entrepreneurs and their representatives we know that improving apprenticeships is in all our interests.

Apprenticeships build the country’s skills base, support industries and create opportunities for young people leading to well-paid jobs. The proposed reforms are a welcome step towards a skills system with the needs of employers at its heart.

via Employers need to control the funds to make apprenticeships useful - Telegraph.

singing-waitersAs a business owner, you sure care for your company culture too, or at least should do so.

In other words, aside from the tasks that come with managing your company and your employees you will at some point also look into the lighter side of things.

Things such as the yearly Christmas party, barbecue picnics in the summer and similar events would come to mind...

Make no mistake, sometimes it is those occasions and corporate events where there can be the best opportunities to really get to know your employees or make way for exciting new partnerships. It is a known fact that the best business relationships can often come about in such relaxed settings.

On the other hand, a successful corporate event would also demand some careful planning. Obviously you don't want to miss such an opportunity and mess it up by making the wrong decisions. And careful planning for your upcoming Christmas party or outdoor picnic means also that you should look into the right musical entertainment for this event. Something which would deserve particular attention especially when the event would warrant "fancy" entertainment such as jazz, classical music or similar. An example for this would be when potential new clients or business partners would be attending the event in question.

For those occasions where you want to do something truly special to entertain your guests you might want to look into surprise entertainment such as booking the singing waiters. The singing waiters currently are the UK's probably most known and popular surprise entertainers. I can recommend them since they can turn any corporate party into an unforgettable event. My company had the singing waiters performing last summer it was one of the best corporate parties I've ever been to!

It's a simple fact that not all those who are fresh out of school no right away what path they want to take. According to studies, those who already know what they want when it comes to their career decisions are the minority.

So why is that? Obviously, once people finish school they do not have any kind of experience in the real job world. They may perhaps be interested in the one or the other industry but may still be uncertain since they obviously never worked in the field.

apprenticeships London

This is why apprenticeships can be very helpful.

And apprenticeship allows anyone who is fresh out of school to obtain this type of experience and skills which can also help in making this type of decision.

In previous times, finding available apprenticeships wasn't always very easy. Most companies are not openly advertising apprenticeship vacancies as they will usually do with normal job openings. The Internet however can be a tremendous help here.

Today there is a variety of websites and services that specialise in apprenticeship openings. With those websites you can find open apprenticeships the same way as if you were looking for other types of employment.

I can highly recommend that you see one or more of those websites you looking for an apprenticeship in the UK today. For more information on apprenticeships I recommend you see