SIR – The Government’s plans to change apprenticeship funding “risk wrecking the training system”, reports Alan Tovey, your Jobs Editor. As business leaders, entrepreneurs and their representatives we know that improving apprenticeships is in all our interests.

Apprenticeships build the country’s skills base, support industries and create opportunities for young people leading to well-paid jobs. The proposed reforms are a welcome step towards a skills system with the needs of employers at its heart.

via Employers need to control the funds to make apprenticeships useful - Telegraph.

Efficient management is often the most crucial aspect when it comes to a successful business ventures. Some industries and trades can have much higher demands in regards to their proficient management as compared to others.

export-import-softwareFor instance, the modern import and export business relies greatly on a smart and well planned management strategy.

Reasons for this are many-fold: Being in this type of business often means having to deal with and then to properly organize heaps of crucial documents, such as shipping documents or the ever important documents required for customs.

A company cannot afford to slack there since small mistakes or errors can delay shipments and in a worst case scenario lead to huge financial losses.

Modern export software and with it export management software can be a big help since those software packages make the management for this type of business a lot easier.

This software today addresses not only the efficient organization of documents related to the import and export. It can in addition to this help the business to actively cut costs by providing real-time information about shipping costs and expenses. This is crucial for the export business where those costs can vary on a daily basis. Especially for those businesses that deal with international trade where goods are shipped internationally, having this type of information available in real time can be a significant advantage.

Today, export software and freight forwarding software can be customized for your individual company's profile. Often, these software packages can be extended via additional modules should the need for this arise, such as when additional functionality is required.

If you're looking for an efficient way manage your import/export business, consider export software today. It is an investment that will quickly pay off.

Four hundred jobs are to be created in Newtownabbey, County Antrim by business IT services firm Capita.

The jobs are to be created over three years in a £29.9m investment.

Invest Northern Ireland has offered £4m of support for the new jobs, which will bring the total employment at the Newtownabbey site to 945.

Capita Managed IT Solutions was formed in 2013 when Capita plc acquired Northgate Managed Services Ltd.

The Department for Employment and Learning (DEL) in Northern Ireland has offered £1.2m of training support for the investment.

via BBC News - 400 IT jobs to be created in Newtownabbey by Capita.

When people leave school it's not always the case that they already know what path to take next. Those who know exactly what they want in terms of their future career decisions are in-fact in the minority.

The reason for this is that after finishing school, people don't have real life experience in the job world.  Some may well have an interest in a specific field but are still uncertain about it due to a lack of first hand experience.

apprenticeships LondonThis is where apprenticeships come in. Apprenticeships are ideal since they allow people to get first-hand experience and professional skills in a specific field while getting paid at the same time.

As it pertains to the United Kingdom, finding apprenticeships in London is not necessarily difficult. However people need to know where to look for those opportunities first.

Fortunately, if someone is looking for an apprenticeship today there are options available and many of them can easily be accessed online via the internet.

For instance, there are websites available that can serve as a valuable resource to find such positions, whether it be IT apprenticeships or any other apprenticeships in the British capital.

The better online resources that are available to find apprenticeships in London provide convenient maps to locate a potential apprenticeship based on a specific location. Such resources are perfect since they allow to find apprenticeships which won't require lengthy travels. Those websites will normally list the employers along with their contact information so that it will be very easy to find a suitable apprenticeship in London.

An EU-wide ban on mangoes from India has come into force, halting imports into the UK potentially until December 2015.

The ban also includes aubergines, two types of squash, and a type of leaf used in Indian cooking.

Shipments of mangoes were suspended into Europe after consignments were found to be infested with fruit flies.

The UK imports around £6.3m worth of Indian mangoes per year out of a UK mango market worth £68m in total.

via BBC News - Ban on Indian mango imports to EU comes into force.

A young entrepreneur is set to realise his business dreams after securing financial backing from Oldham Business Leadership Group (OBLG).

Eric Bishyika, 17, from Oldham

Eric Bishyika, 17, from Oldham, runs SW (Something Worthy) Clothing Co

A teenage entrepreneur is set to realise his business dreams after securing financial backing from Oldham Business Leadership Group (OBLG).

Eric Bishyika, 17, from Oldham, runs SW (Something Worthy) Clothing Co.

via Exciting times for teenage entrepreneur Eric - Manchester Evening News.

business-tipsBeing an entrepreneur or business owner brings with it many challenges.

Overcoming these challenges will be key to sustain in this modern world where competition can be fierce and costs are always a major factor.

Here on our website we want to provide you tips and tricks how to turn your business into a successful enterprise.  We will offer you news, tips & advice that you can apply effictively, no matter what type of business you own and no matter in what industry you're in.